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The way Raveena Tandon replies to a marraige proposal



Raveena Tandon, at the age of 43, is still winning the hearts of many. it’s like her beauty is growing every day. She is one of the best cinematic Bollywood actress in the history. She is an amazing Bollywood actress, because when it comes to her, she puts her 100% to it. Though she is not been seen much in the present Bollywood movies, but her fan following is still the same. People admire her for her enormous beauty, her elegance. Though being 43 year old, she can still beat the age of 23. Her fashion sense is amazing and she is an idol to many. Not just that, but recently its been discovered, that her savage level is too damn high. Raveena Tandon who is a mesmerizing beauty of Bollywood, got a marriage proposal on social media. Yes, you heard me right! She got a marriage proposal on her tweet.

Social Media’s have given enormous ways so that people could speak up what they want, and when they want. It is the best way through which you can spread the word, open up, express yourself, search what you want, catch up with others, follow your favorite actor or actress, check out the latest updates of your favorite celebrity, catch up with any kind of information, etc. It gives you the right to speak. And just like that here, Anver Ali, who goes by the Twitter handle name @DrAnverAli asked her, “Would you marry me?” and instead of looking at his confidence level, the other followers are going nuts in pin pointing his English. Being an actress, its common to get proposals on social media, but what’s new in it is the way Raveena responded to the proposal. It was a mixture of decent plus savage.

Her reply to the proposal was, “Sorry yaar , you are 13 years late in asking ..” which was savage + decent.


Her simplicity is amazing. This reply of hers, shows how cool she is.

Though on the other side, Anver Ali is continuously being roasted on the social media. People are literally pin pointing on his English and are not backing down. It’s getting viral everywhere. And what was wrong, was that he said “would you” instead of “will you”!

Here’s a view to how people are reacting to his marriage proposal to Raveena.


And the weird thing is, Raveena acted cool and replied in a polite + savage way, but the others are back firing on his English.

Have a look on this one, @chivasRegalTime said him, “Dr. AnPadh Ali”. Just because he made a small grammatical error, the Troll World has began.

People are joking, making trolls just cause he said, “would you” instead of “will you” and not just that, jokes are also being made on why he said “would you” instead of “will you”. @TaufiqueKhan1 said, “Jazbaat samjho bechare k alfaaz me kya rakha hai waise bhi 13 saal late hai aashiq”.

There are many more to it. The count doesn’t gets over. The followers are retweeting again and again. And the whole scenario has gone viral.

But the way Raveena replied was totally mesmerizing. Her reply shows the simplicity of hers. The akhiyon se goli marey girl is still rocking in the present era, though she has stopped making movies. But as you all know, old  is gold and that the Queen remains the Queen only. She is the woman of beauty with brains. According to her followers, her smile is her weapon. Her personality is very amazing and many adores her for it. As you can see, her response to the marraige proposal was quiet savage but decent.

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