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Emerging Technologies And Their Practical Applications




Today we are living in Tech-Era, where technology is emerging at a great speed. Just few years’ back where multimedia cellphones and internet was a big deal for us, today almost every hand carry a 4G network. Technology is helping us in our life with many faces. From nanotechnology to artificial intelligence, our scientists are bringing us the best tech to make out life simpler and easier, the world of less manpower and more productivity. The advancement in technology has resulted in successful Robo-citizen “Sophia”.

Irrespective of fields, Gadgets are helping us in almost all ways. Some of the emerging technologies with their applications in our practical lives are listed below:

  • Artificial Intelligence: AI came into existence in 1958, invented by John MacCarthy, this started a new age, which enriched machines with decision making capability. And if you are thinking that these two words are used only for heavy equipment’s, robots and large scale companies, then you need to give it a second thought, because the smartphone you are holding is totally based on Artificial Intelligence. The smart assistant in your phone or the portrait mode in your camera This works with the help of AI. Not only in this, companies like Tesla have successfully launched self-driving car where AI is implemented. The feeds in your Facebook and the music in your playlist is according to your past web histories, which is decided by AI.


  • Robot: Robots came into existence in 1954; George Devol created a fully digital robot. Robots are contributing in our life a lot. Generally robots are used to do repetitive works where humans fail, or that are dangerous. Therefore saving the life and growing the output. But now, it is not only restricted to the production companies, but robots have also contributed to medical, sch as robot surgery, in field of protections such as automatic weapons, education such as Smart boards, and even around your home the popular Alexa, or Google home assistant.


  • Virtual reality(VR): VR was introduced in 1957, it’s an interactive theatre like experience, which takes us to a virtual world with a great experience. It was widely used for gaming purpose, but now it has expanded its limits and reached to the training purpose in military. The commanders are trained with a VR that can train them in fighting driving and combat situation. It has also been used in education sector these days to learn a particular subject more effectively and deeply.


  • 3D Printer: Somewhere around 1980s, Chuck Hull a solid plastic model, built up in layers. This has revolutionized the business sector at a good pace. Where it was hard to get auto parts every time of the same model at every place, the 3D printing made it easier. It can also be used in office where explaining a model was difficult in the 2 Dimensional paper, it is much easier on a 3D model. Not only this, it’s fun when you can create a toy for your kid or customize a keychain or any other household objects. Well the most important implementation of 3D printers are in space organizations, where the defected spare parts of rockets can be printed and used up.


  • Nanotechnology: This technology was found by Richard Feynman, on December 29, 1959. Despite of being so complex and too small, it has many benefits. This technology can be used in the fields of medicine and health to repair our body at cellular level, even in the minute areas. Nano techniques and tools have been also used in the field of agriculture and food processing, packaging department, production and productivity. Nanotechnology also contributes to save the environment. It has less pollution and also it can clean up the existing pollution hence improving the world.

Every one of us enjoys the tech today, from laser weapons to robotic surgery, where technology today can protect us it can also destroy. Thus it is important to use this immense power carefully, that needs our responsibility to take it over with good moral values.

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Best Hollywood Romantic Movies To Watch This Season




Movies are a reflection of imagination. Nothing is better than watching a romantic movie curled up in couch with your partner. Imagine the warmth and comfort you feel while watching the best romantic movie over a steaming cup of coffee. Here is the list of best hollywood romantic movies which will help your love reach the maximum this monsoon season.

Here is the best romantic movies hollywood which will help you relate with the plot. Go ahead and find your story!

  • Pretty Woman (1990)Pretty Woman

It is a Garry Marshall masterpiece which shows what transformations love can bring in your life. Not only this, women empowerment is the major issue in the movie. This is seen when Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a business tycoon, falls in love with a prostitute, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts).  It won’t be wrong to term it the best romantic movie due to the fairy tale turn it takes.

  • Love Story (1970)Love Story

While selecting the best romantic movies Hollywood, this is one of the all- time favorites. Based on Erich Segal’s novel of the same name, it is the story of college romance turning into a life-long bond. Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O’Neal), a descendant of a rich and traditional family, finds love in Jenny Cavilleri, (Ali MacGraw ) a girl with humble background. The movie was a superhit at the time of release.

  • About Time (2013)About Time

As the name suggests, time travel is the main theme of the movie. The protagonist, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) can travel in time. He decides to use the gift to improve his love life. Watch this romantic movie hollywood to know what happened next.

  • Gone With The Wind (1939)Gone With The Wind

This is a traditional saga embellished with the myths and complications of the society. The characters throughout the story are in the struggle to find true love. War plays a grat role in the movie. Scarlett, the lead heroine is rejected by her first love but keeps her craving alive throughout life. This series of pain ends when she discovered that her husband loved her truly while her first love, Ashley was unhappy in his marriage.

The end shows her crying and begging her hubby, Rhett to stay and vowing to win back his love. This is one of the classics of best hollywood romantic movies which has made an indispensable niche in the industry.

  • 10 things I Hate About You (1999)10 things I Hate About You

This is one of those stories in which adrenaline loaded teenagers are ready to do anything. The main characters are Kat, Bianca, Cameron, Joey, Patrick and an over concerned father- Walter. The whole story is a shell of revelations and a nexus of love. You will definitely enjoy the situations which arise from nowhere. This is the most entertaining and the best hollywood movie ever made on college kids.

  • The Notebook (2004)The Notebook

Have you ever loved someone more than life? This is the story of two such people, Noah and Allie who are separated by thousands of miles but still live for each other unaware of their love. The twist comes when Allie visits Noah after a long gap and they both complete the lost story.

The end shows old Allie and Noah dying together, curled up in each other’s arms after remembering their story. This is the best romantic movie of all times and a must watch for young couples. All credit to Nicholas Sparks!

  • Titanic (1997)Titanic

Can love make you cross boundaries? The answer is yes! Based on the sinking of the gigantic ship Titanic- the director, James Cameron has made the best of the story.  The story revolves around two boarders of Titanic, a young girl of seventeen Rose and a penniless artist Jack. This is on the top of best romantic movies hollywood and has registered its name as a precious classic of world cinema.

  • When Harry Met Sally (1989)When Harry Met Sally

This is a lovely tale which progresses in a very practical manner. The protagonists, Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) cross each pother’s paths numerous times but there exists no friendship due to Sally’s belief in the impossibility of a male and a female being friends. The story goes on in a dramatic manner and they end up expressing their love for each other.

Being one of the best hollywood romantic movies of all times, it will impress you with its fluid story and engaging drama.

  • If Only(2004)If Only

A lovely story of two lovers madly in love but confused by circumstances. Ian and Sam are struggling to stabilize their relationship but what happens in the end will definitely make you cry. If you are a fan of best hollywood romantic movies, this is your destination.

Watching the best hollywood movie is the perfect entertainment for a rainy day. Not only this, they are the ultimate means to rekindle love and revive the relationship. If its your first date, hit the right cord by playing a romantic movie hollywood and giving them the best surprise ever!

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You don’t believe in ghosts? Think again, for they’re not always limited to the make-believe world of the big screen. A number of places in Chennai are testimony to this fact: they’ve acquired the ‘haunted’ tag.
Take this instance. In the serene suburb of Thiruvanmiyur, the apartment No F-2 on 3, Seward Road in Valmiki Nagar, stands out—it has the dubious distinction of being a bhoot bangla. It is said that the owner’s daughter committed suicide there some years ago, and that her spirit haunts the place.

For years, the apartment remained vacant, until finally in 2008, five friends moved in. Now however, only two remain. Initially when his friends told Anand Natesan, a fashion designer and the current tenant, that the place was haunted, he didn’t believe them. Now though, he’s less sure. “Mysterious sounds, sobs and screams emanate from this place. I haven’t seen an apparition here, but there’s an intense negative vibe. The doors slam shut every night at 2 am. I keep getting the feeling that someone is watching me. I haven’t been able to sleep in the past few nights,” said Natesan, adding that he is hoping to leave the apartment in a few months.

Karikattu Kuppam

Karikattukuppam : Haunted Places in Chennai

Karikattukuppam (Source)

The destructive 2004 Tsunami waves caused serious disaster, washing away this area of Tamil Nadu. Early and untimely deaths lead to wandering souls and haunted spirits. This place is one of the most haunted places of Chennai, known for strange paranormal activities. The spirit of an old man and a childare common sightings of Karikattu Kuppam. The dual ghost sightings have given many people a scare and are terrified beyond their wits to ever visit this place. This one is not meant for the faint of heart!

Similarly, a ‘numberless’ house in Besant Nagar has been lying vacant for more than 10 years now. The dilapidated house, located amid the woods of the Theosophical Society, has been known for years to be haunted. People claim to have seen ghosts along that road, especially near the premises of the Theosophical Society.
Close encounters of the spooky kind are also linked to D’Monte Colony that joins St Mary’s Road. Ten identical houses on the road are not only intriguing, but also supposed to be haunted. According to a few old-timers, the land was owned by John D’Monte who lived there back in the mid-19th century. Some say that companies or parties who took the property on lease subsequently, have all vanished.
And so, a legal wrangle has left these houses in a limbo. They are unsold and without any maintenance. The road leading to the houses too, is deserted, except for a few hardy souls who venture occasionally. Anil Kumar, who used to frequent the lane said, “Once I was retuning after a party around 1 am, and I took this lane to get to my house. As soon as I entered, I felt a strong, negative vibe pulling my bike towards one of the houses and I heard someone calling my name. I immediately sped away and never went back.”
Incidentally, another house in Kotturpuram is said to be haunted by the spirit of a man from the neighbourhod who died a few months ago. The present owner of the house, Ganesh Ram, and his friends, have experienced eerie moments in the night. There are cold spots in the rooms, and they have seen a spirit walk through closed doors.
“Paranormal activities have become common in this house. In fact, we have started living with the spirit and have named him Kumar. Sometimes, when we are alone, we can hear someone whispering in our ears. Once, at 2 am, we heard someone knocking on the door, but when we opened it, we found nobody,” said Ganesh.
Such spooky stories are not a piece of fiction or drama, but accounts of experiences from real life. You never know, but someone may be watching you while you are reading this.

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Transformations In Technology: The Tech Era 2018



Apart from our advancement in our modern lifestyle, the technology has been advanced too. Not only have to be advanced but now it decided our fate. The growing technology trends and transformations will make a good change in our lifestyle. The devices have been transformed from heavy base phones to the lightest smartphone, the microphone to the surround system. Today technology is the share of our life, even our life has been converted from reality to virtual reality. But what is the upcoming of this growing technology? Will it grow more or would stop? Well there are no boundaries that will stop technology from transforming lives.

Here are some technologies that have been advanced and are serving since a long time to humanity.


  • Robots: The first Robot Advisors were launched in 2008. Just within 10 years this technology has been advanced so much that it has taken up its place in all the fields today. The Robotic companies have made a machine for every task, to handle complications, to assist our work, and the best one to live out life. Robot Sophia has been given the citizenship of Saudi Arabia. Today machines are making our life simpler, now the productivity has been increased and manpower has been decreased. Although this is affecting slowly in the employments in India, but robots are good to make this change.

Artificial Intellegence

  • Artificial Intelligence: Today machines are not only a follower but they have proved to be a thinker too. All thanks to Artificial Intelligence. Now machines can take decisions, remind about the good things, can take care of your home, and after all these still be more intelligent and powerful than human mind. The artificial intelligence has been here since 1952, the first idea of artificial intelligence. The software like Siri uses artificial intelligence to answer all your questions very wisely.

Organ Transplant

  • Organ Transplants: Earlier there was no scope of performing a transplant within organs. But now it is possible to change the internal organs through technology. The first organ transplant took place in 1954. The doctors were successful to transplant a kidney. Later than this Liver, pancreas and heart transplants were also performed successfully. After 1960s, doctors started transplanting lungs and intestinal organs also. After all these successful transplants today doctors are in the process to perform head transplant. Although it is not easy but with the help of technology this would easier too.

Electronic Fund Transfer.

  • Electronic money transfer: there was a time when people have to wait for the banks, to take and give money. Now through the digitalization, a person can transfer money from one place to another at a fast easy and reliable method. The electronic transfer method was first used in United States. In india it took many years to be implemented. Also in electronic fund transfer method it took 2-3 days to transfer between bank accounts. Now a more improved and better versions are available such as PayTm, PhonePe, and many other software.


  • Mobile phones: On 31st July 1995, the first mobile phone had made a call. Several companies emerged and started making better versions of cell phones. I can remember people taking a calling device in their hands 5 years back from calling device to multimedia device the mobile phones emerged, from bar phone to hi tech screen touch with high speed internet support, the evolution took place that also within the short span of 6-7 years only. The advancement in mobile phones was so rapid that now some companies are coming up with their ideas of foldable screen as a phone.

SLS Booster 11X7K65634

  • Travel in space: After conquering the earth, technology has made up their mark in space too. Today one rocket can launch upto 104 satellites successfully. Now we can know about the outer space with the help of hi-tech telescopes. We can know the pluto better, find the water at mars, and send a robot at Jupiter. What else can make a better world. Even now we can change the world on which we live. We are blessed with technology and this is the advancement that leads us to the moon for a picnic.


  • Personal Computers: The heavy and space taking computers of first generation, was not in the reach of common people. It was difficult for everyone to handle these kinds of computers not everyone can operate with binary language. But ever since when the personal computers has released through IBM, computers have lighter with better software and easy to operate and learn. Now it is in the reach of everyone. And even better portable versions have come. Some tech companies have also managed it in a smartphone.


  • Internet: 1st January 1983, the day when internet came into existence and connectetd us globally. It began to be realized moreover when Tim Berners-Lee developed World Wide Web. Internet has been the largest community platform, almost 3 billion people uses internet every minute. Today every information is on internet, every application is also on internet. Though It has some disadvantages but no doubt this is helping s at every point of life.

Whatever be the transformations in technology till now, the technology will continue with its improvements and will always help us, to make our life simpler better and amazing.

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