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Flood Striking Kerala: Fuming Concern and Responsibility



Where there are some parts of the country where monsoon is much awaited, there are several districts of Kerala which reminds us of the catastrophic impacts which a monsoon rainfall can bring as a natural disaster. Mother nature can be very unpredictable and one can not just forecast its effects. And this time, it’s the flood in Kerala. Considering this its fury on the hilly areas of Wayanad, Kozhikode, and Malappuram, the fresh pour of the monsoon rainfall has disturbed the livelihood completely over there. It has shown no mercy to life and property. Due to the heavy rainfall, the authorities have to open the gates of several dams. This is leading to the submerging of the habitats downstream.

Though the rainfall is 30% more than the average rainfall, the loss state is enduring is much worse. The loss is about a staggering Rs 19,512 crore. Addition to this, 357 people lost their lives along with destroying roughly 906,400 hectares worth of crops. Furthermore, at least 50,000 houses are either fully or partially damaged by the floods and landslides witnessed across the state.

What’s the cause of Flood in Kerala?

Now that the situation of the flood is in control and livelihood is getting back to normalcy, the administration is working on the causes of this catastrophe. But what is the real cause? The rainfall this year is of 2,086 mm. But due to the extent of losses, this flood has become one of the worst one in the past 100 years. The Kerala Government has submitted the affidavit in Supreme Court regarding the floods. It says the sudden releases of water from the Mullaperiyar dam was a cause for the floods in the State.

In the affidavit, the state also pointed out the ignorance of fellow state Tamil Nadu. They stated, “The request was made to facilitate the district administration and State Disaster Management Authority to get sufficient time to evacuate people so that they would not be hit by the flash floods in their sleep in the stealth of the night,” says Kerala Chief Secretary Tom Jose informing Supreme Court. But, water from the Mullaperiyar reservoir was “suddenly discharged by opening all the 13 shutters to Idukki downstream at 2.40 a.m. on August 15. Around 9,000 cusecs of water was let out between 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 21,450 cusecs at 2 p.m. on August 15.”

“The sudden releases from the Mullaperiyar dam forced us (Kerala) to release more water from the Idukki reservoir,” the statement says.

Foreign Aids for the Flood in Kerala?

Seeing the worst floods hitting the Kerala state of India, the countries in the world are coming forward in providing aids for the victims. The UAE government has offered about Rs. 700 crores and the Maldives is willing to offer Rs.35 lakhs for relief and rehabilitation work in the state. But as per a plan put out in past, the central government has turned down the financial assistance. Instead, it will provide the requirements through the domestic efforts. But not everyone is happy about this decision, especially Kerala. Thomas Isaac, tweeted, “We asked the union government for financial support of ₹2200 crore; they grant us a precious ₹600 crore. We make no request to any foreign government but UAE voluntarily offers Rs. 700 crore. No, says union government, it is below our dignity to accept foreign aid. This is a dog in the manger policy.”

It might look like beholding the strange pride in this multilateral world. But Modi’s government is just following its 14-year-old policy by refusing to accept financial aid from the international community. This policy is there in order to shed the tag of “the poor country” from India. However, the central has released Rs. 600 crore relief fund two days ago and promised to release additional funds.

What now?

Kerala always has a long rainfall period. But this year the situation is drastic and it may continue in the future as well. Rest of the country look at Kerala as a state of social development. It is best for its measures of dealing with such natural calamities. The government here plays an important role in ensuring the minimum loss of life and property both pre and post-disaster. The government is now ensuring to take steps which are necessary to stop the epidemic which is one of the after-effects of the flood. For the future, it has looked for the lower risk zones for the habitats. Also, issuing the proper warning before opening the gates of the dams. Though we can not stop natural disasters, remaining alarm is always helpful.

People all over India are coming forward in order to provide relief for the victims. The people are making huge donations to Kerala’s Chief Minister’s relief fund. As for now, “21.61 lakh connections have been restored, out of a total of 25.6 lakh service connections which were disrupted. The sanitation drive is on and 37,626 wells and 60,593 houses were cleaned today,” says a tweet from the official handle of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

The central and state government are going to escalate the proper measures. They will be focussed in restoring the loss of life and property in the state. Along with this, considering the poor planning of the water release is also necessary. Now as the flood is conceding, the authorities should take the lesson from it.

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Best Hollywood Romantic Movies To Watch This Season




Movies are a reflection of imagination. Nothing is better than watching a romantic movie curled up in couch with your partner. Imagine the warmth and comfort you feel while watching the best romantic movie over a steaming cup of coffee. Here is the list of best hollywood romantic movies which will help your love reach the maximum this monsoon season.

Here is the best romantic movies hollywood which will help you relate with the plot. Go ahead and find your story!

  • Pretty Woman (1990)Pretty Woman

It is a Garry Marshall masterpiece which shows what transformations love can bring in your life. Not only this, women empowerment is the major issue in the movie. This is seen when Edward Lewis (Richard Gere), a business tycoon, falls in love with a prostitute, Vivian Ward (Julia Roberts).  It won’t be wrong to term it the best romantic movie due to the fairy tale turn it takes.

  • Love Story (1970)Love Story

While selecting the best romantic movies Hollywood, this is one of the all- time favorites. Based on Erich Segal’s novel of the same name, it is the story of college romance turning into a life-long bond. Oliver Barrett IV (Ryan O’Neal), a descendant of a rich and traditional family, finds love in Jenny Cavilleri, (Ali MacGraw ) a girl with humble background. The movie was a superhit at the time of release.

  • About Time (2013)About Time

As the name suggests, time travel is the main theme of the movie. The protagonist, Tim (Domhnall Gleeson) can travel in time. He decides to use the gift to improve his love life. Watch this romantic movie hollywood to know what happened next.

  • Gone With The Wind (1939)Gone With The Wind

This is a traditional saga embellished with the myths and complications of the society. The characters throughout the story are in the struggle to find true love. War plays a grat role in the movie. Scarlett, the lead heroine is rejected by her first love but keeps her craving alive throughout life. This series of pain ends when she discovered that her husband loved her truly while her first love, Ashley was unhappy in his marriage.

The end shows her crying and begging her hubby, Rhett to stay and vowing to win back his love. This is one of the classics of best hollywood romantic movies which has made an indispensable niche in the industry.

  • 10 things I Hate About You (1999)10 things I Hate About You

This is one of those stories in which adrenaline loaded teenagers are ready to do anything. The main characters are Kat, Bianca, Cameron, Joey, Patrick and an over concerned father- Walter. The whole story is a shell of revelations and a nexus of love. You will definitely enjoy the situations which arise from nowhere. This is the most entertaining and the best hollywood movie ever made on college kids.

  • The Notebook (2004)The Notebook

Have you ever loved someone more than life? This is the story of two such people, Noah and Allie who are separated by thousands of miles but still live for each other unaware of their love. The twist comes when Allie visits Noah after a long gap and they both complete the lost story.

The end shows old Allie and Noah dying together, curled up in each other’s arms after remembering their story. This is the best romantic movie of all times and a must watch for young couples. All credit to Nicholas Sparks!

  • Titanic (1997)Titanic

Can love make you cross boundaries? The answer is yes! Based on the sinking of the gigantic ship Titanic- the director, James Cameron has made the best of the story.  The story revolves around two boarders of Titanic, a young girl of seventeen Rose and a penniless artist Jack. This is on the top of best romantic movies hollywood and has registered its name as a precious classic of world cinema.

  • When Harry Met Sally (1989)When Harry Met Sally

This is a lovely tale which progresses in a very practical manner. The protagonists, Harry (Billy Crystal) and Sally (Meg Ryan) cross each pother’s paths numerous times but there exists no friendship due to Sally’s belief in the impossibility of a male and a female being friends. The story goes on in a dramatic manner and they end up expressing their love for each other.

Being one of the best hollywood romantic movies of all times, it will impress you with its fluid story and engaging drama.

  • If Only(2004)If Only

A lovely story of two lovers madly in love but confused by circumstances. Ian and Sam are struggling to stabilize their relationship but what happens in the end will definitely make you cry. If you are a fan of best hollywood romantic movies, this is your destination.

Watching the best hollywood movie is the perfect entertainment for a rainy day. Not only this, they are the ultimate means to rekindle love and revive the relationship. If its your first date, hit the right cord by playing a romantic movie hollywood and giving them the best surprise ever!

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You don’t believe in ghosts? Think again, for they’re not always limited to the make-believe world of the big screen. A number of places in Chennai are testimony to this fact: they’ve acquired the ‘haunted’ tag.
Take this instance. In the serene suburb of Thiruvanmiyur, the apartment No F-2 on 3, Seward Road in Valmiki Nagar, stands out—it has the dubious distinction of being a bhoot bangla. It is said that the owner’s daughter committed suicide there some years ago, and that her spirit haunts the place.

For years, the apartment remained vacant, until finally in 2008, five friends moved in. Now however, only two remain. Initially when his friends told Anand Natesan, a fashion designer and the current tenant, that the place was haunted, he didn’t believe them. Now though, he’s less sure. “Mysterious sounds, sobs and screams emanate from this place. I haven’t seen an apparition here, but there’s an intense negative vibe. The doors slam shut every night at 2 am. I keep getting the feeling that someone is watching me. I haven’t been able to sleep in the past few nights,” said Natesan, adding that he is hoping to leave the apartment in a few months.

Karikattu Kuppam

Karikattukuppam : Haunted Places in Chennai

Karikattukuppam (Source)

The destructive 2004 Tsunami waves caused serious disaster, washing away this area of Tamil Nadu. Early and untimely deaths lead to wandering souls and haunted spirits. This place is one of the most haunted places of Chennai, known for strange paranormal activities. The spirit of an old man and a childare common sightings of Karikattu Kuppam. The dual ghost sightings have given many people a scare and are terrified beyond their wits to ever visit this place. This one is not meant for the faint of heart!

Similarly, a ‘numberless’ house in Besant Nagar has been lying vacant for more than 10 years now. The dilapidated house, located amid the woods of the Theosophical Society, has been known for years to be haunted. People claim to have seen ghosts along that road, especially near the premises of the Theosophical Society.
Close encounters of the spooky kind are also linked to D’Monte Colony that joins St Mary’s Road. Ten identical houses on the road are not only intriguing, but also supposed to be haunted. According to a few old-timers, the land was owned by John D’Monte who lived there back in the mid-19th century. Some say that companies or parties who took the property on lease subsequently, have all vanished.
And so, a legal wrangle has left these houses in a limbo. They are unsold and without any maintenance. The road leading to the houses too, is deserted, except for a few hardy souls who venture occasionally. Anil Kumar, who used to frequent the lane said, “Once I was retuning after a party around 1 am, and I took this lane to get to my house. As soon as I entered, I felt a strong, negative vibe pulling my bike towards one of the houses and I heard someone calling my name. I immediately sped away and never went back.”
Incidentally, another house in Kotturpuram is said to be haunted by the spirit of a man from the neighbourhod who died a few months ago. The present owner of the house, Ganesh Ram, and his friends, have experienced eerie moments in the night. There are cold spots in the rooms, and they have seen a spirit walk through closed doors.
“Paranormal activities have become common in this house. In fact, we have started living with the spirit and have named him Kumar. Sometimes, when we are alone, we can hear someone whispering in our ears. Once, at 2 am, we heard someone knocking on the door, but when we opened it, we found nobody,” said Ganesh.
Such spooky stories are not a piece of fiction or drama, but accounts of experiences from real life. You never know, but someone may be watching you while you are reading this.

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Here is why teenagers should watch 13 reasons why




The world is a box of contradictions and everywhere there are people ready to argue. Here is a new controversy and this time the epicenter is the American teenage drama series 13 reasons why.  The show is a story of a young teenage girl- Hannah Baker who committed suicide due to lack of support and adjustment in her new school. The main character, Clay Jenson, also the protagonist is a friend of Hannah. Hannah, before killing herself, recorded tapes sighting the reason why she committed suicide and the people she blames. The tape is sent to 13 people who according to Hannah, are responsible for her death. Clay is one of them and is bound to listen to the recordings otherwise, they will be released publicly.

This is the flying point of the plot which initiates a series of confusing, suspicious and interesting incidents. The problem arose when the story moved to graphical rape scenes, sexual assaults, bullying, self harm and mental agony of the victim. The agencies demanded a ban on the show and in 2017 and as a result Netflix features a video before each episode classifying who should watch 13 reasons why.

Why watch 13 reasons why?

Whatever tries to depict the reality is banned or subjected to the warning. Agencies, in the name of mental agony to the teenagers, have tried to wipe 13 reasons why drama series from your screens. The repercussion has been dissatisfaction on part of viewers around the world. But as a benefit to the drama, its viewership has increased round the globe.

Why people are eager to watch 13 reasons why despite warning is a subject of wonder. Here are the reasons why you should the show-

  • It’s the reality!

Students find themselves unable to adjust in the environment of schools and colleges, there is nothing superficial here. This may lead to stress, depression and the tendency to suicide sometimes, and is posing an elephantine problem to the parents. Most of the time lack of support proves disastrous and we lose a precious and talented kid which had the potential to shine brighter than the brightest star in the sky. We should encourage such shows which raise such vital issues.

  • The story is appealing and so are the characters

The team has taken care to design the characters in such a way that they seem relatable to the audience. Many teens would have found a connection with Hannah Baker or Clay.

  • Performance is worth appreciation

This is the best performance and the characters bring out the theme, the plight of a victim and the pressure of the guilty. The cast 13 reasons why is perfect for their roles and this is one of the reasons you should watch and admire the show.

  • Short and full on entertainment

If you are busy but have found a short slot of time to enjoy with your kids, you can watch 13 reasons why as one season will finish in 13 hours and this is the best entertainment you can get without stepping out. Happy weekends!

  • We need to open up

The individuals are turning introverts because of society’s taboos and prejudices. 13 reasons why season 2 tells you to open up and discuss what you are going through. To solve the problem you need to speak up. So whether it’s a bully, your crush, a mistake or something else troubling you, reach out to your parents or best friend. Don’t digest the problem as its going to multiply and initiate a chain of problems which you need to break away from before reaching Hannah’s condition.

  • Rational depiction of teenagers’ issues

Teenage is a vulnerable time when the body is under development and the hormones ready to trigger into action. This phase is transition time and full of confusions, doubts, insecurities, uncertainty and all the crap you can imagine. There are vicious troubles all around waiting to trap confused teens. This is the specialty of 13 reasons why, it covers everything you may get trapped in. And the primary reason you are prohibited from watching it.

  • Promotion of personal responsibility

Hannah’s miserable sends the message that we need to stand up for the troubled. Anyone who feels that his or her colleague is under stress should come forward and try to help instead of taunting and lowering the victim’s confidence. It’s not doctor’s alone who can prevent suicides; it is a support chain of school staff, friends and family who can help.

Every season concludes at the 13 reasons why episode 13 and the rest are due for the next season. But this time the 13 reasons why season 3 appears to be the last of the series. Well, that’s up to the broadcasters and directors but it is in our hands to watch the show and learn to stand for others. Remember you or your friend may be a sibling, may stand in Hannah’s place. So do help. You can watch 13 reasons why online or see the streaming on Netflix. Rev up for the 13 reasons why season 3!


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